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One Piece Episode 838 Spoilers- “Assassination Of Big Mom Failed”

One Piece Anime Episode 837  is live now with more secrets and revelations of Big Mom and Mother Carmel. One Piece 838 preview also released along with the episode and it shows the overview of the assassination of Big Mom takes place. If you don’t read the manga, then you should be wondering that how can a Yonko be easily killed and what will happen in One Piece 838. So, if you don’t want to wait for next week and want your answers today. We have One Piece Episode 838 Spoilers based on One Piece manga which will give hints about the clear synopsis of the One Piece Episode 838.

Spoilers Ahead !!!

One Piece Episode 838 Spoilers

Once again Big Mom reminds her childhood. After losing her mother and friends she meets an unknown person in the forest who witnessed the incident of disappearing that day. He is the Big Mom’s chef Streusan who makes an alliance with her and formed Big Mom Pirates. The island where second sheep house was located, now become whole cake island. After that Big Mom begins to rise as a  pirate and her initial bounty was 50,000,000 which is now 500,000,000. This will first time a Yonko’s bounty will be shown in One Piece anime. She is angry on Straw Hats as they break her Mother Carmel’s portrait who was her motivation to form an island for living for all caste together.

One Piece Episode 838 Spoilers
Source: Funimation

One Piece 838 Spoilers

By taking advantage Bege starts to launch the KX launcher along with his crewmates. On the other hand, Katakuri manages to cover his ear with mochi earplugs and give them also to his crewmates. Big Mom destroyed the KX launcher shots and all Fire Tank Pirates starts to run away in fear. Whole alliance races towards the mirror but Big Mom’s scream shatters the mirror and leaves the alliance to run nowhere. Suddenly, Bege transforms into a Fortress to save his allies by having them inside him.

If You don’t read the Once Piece manga the above synopsis will give you the clear hint of One Piece 838 episode.

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