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One Piece Episode 839 Spoilers – “Big Mom Regain Her Consciousness “

One Piece Episode 838 is live now and we saw the flashback of the reason of formation of Big Mom Pirates and rise of Big Mom as a Yonko. We also saw the failure of Bege’s plan to assassinate Big Mom and they head towards mirror world but that mirror gets broken by Big Mom’s rage. This made whole alliance surrounded by Big Mom Pirates. One Piece 839 Preview shows the transformation of Germa 66. If you don’t read One Piece manga and want to know the synopsis of One Piece 839 chapter, then we have some One Piece episode 839 spoilers for you.

Warning!! One Piece 839 Spoilers ahead

One Piece Episode 839 Spoilers

From One Piece 839 chapter’s preview, it should be clear to you that in the time of trouble Germa 66 will make their move. For more information about One Piece, Episode 839 read the below spoilers taken from One Piece manga.

Bege will transform himself into big father ( a big fortress ) and everyone from the alliance and Germa 66 will run toward inside him but Big Mom Pirates will restrain them.

Upon facing difficulties, Germa 66 will finally transform like power rangers into their raid suit. You’ll witness them in their raid suits for the first time. They will fight with Big Mom Pirates and finally help Straw hats and others to get inside Big Father.

One Piece 839 Spoilers

One Piece 839 Spoilers

Bege finally will show his big father’s power for the first time and attack Big Mom but Prospero will protect Big Mom from the candy wall and Katakuri will stop cannons from mochi. The situation for Big Father will also become worse when Prospero will bind his left and arms.  The Straw Hats will discuss further strategy and in the meantime, Big Mom will finally regain her consciousness and will attack them.

So in One Piece 839 episode, you’ll witness the Bege’s transformation as Big Father. Finally, Big Mom will regain her consciousness and you’ll also come to know more about her powers.

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