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One Piece Episode 852 Spoilers Luffy vs Katakuri

In the One Piece 851, we have seen Luffy battling against one of the most difficult opponents of the series named Katakuri who has Devil Fruit Mochi no Mi. In the article below we will talk about the possible One Piece Episode 852 Spoilers

The biggest problem lying ahead of Luffy is, with the ability of Mochi, Katakuri has been able to imitate each move of Luffy. In addition to that, Katakuri also has the power of Kenbunshoku Haki which allows him
to predict the future.

1) Katakuri imitating Luffy Moves – (One Piece Episode 852 Spoilers)

As we have observed in the last episode, till now Katakuri has managed to copy Luffy moves and releasing them back with even greater power. The same order of events we are likely to see in the next episode. We will even see Luffy falls down for a moment.

2) Sanji and Pudding on Cocoa Island (One Piece Episode 852 Spoilers)

We have observed in the previous episode Sanji, Pudding and Chiffon have finally made their arrival to the island of Cocao. The will plan to make the most delicious cake and offer it to the Big Mom which might make her surrender to its taste.

In order to avoid the suspicion, Chiffon will be presented as a prisoner of Pudding.

Then where will be Sanji? We will see Sanji hiding inside Rabin, a flying pudding carpet.

Along with him, we will also see 31 head chefs who will help these three. All the chefs will be asked to enter one by one and their memories will be changed so seeing Sanji won’t surprise them.

3) Big Mom Strikes – One Piece Episode 852 Spoilers

On the other side of Luffy and Katakuri fight, Nami and others are in grave danger as they are being chased by Big Mom.

The direct attack on the ships of Thousands Sunny could be dangerous and especially more when the Big Mom troops in mirror dimension looking to come back in through the mirror on Thousand Sunny.

But Luffy is there in another dimension to interfere with their plans


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