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One Piece Episode 854 Preview- “Luffy’s Silent Fight”

Today’s post is all about discussing  One Piece Episode 854 spoiler and preview. Whole Cake island arc is creating a huge buzz in One Piece anime. In the mirror world, Luffy is taking on his strongest opponent, Katakuri while others are heading for Cacao Island after fooling Big Mom.

One Piece Episode 854 – Luffy Vs Katakuri

One Piece Episode 854 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 854 will continues Luffy’s struggle against overwhelming Katakuri. In episode 853, none of his attacks gazed Katakuri. Katakuri managed to copy his attacks and beat him. He ordered Brulee and others to destroy others on Sunny through mirror world. But Luffy managed to warn Nami about the Katakuri’s plan through a small piece of Brulee’s mirror. On the other hand, Sunny was saved by Jinbe’s green room technique from the wrath of Big Mom. Once again episode ends with Luffy beaten to protect his comrades and in episode 854 he will do everything to protect them.

Warning!!One Piece Episode 854 Spoilers Ahead

One Piece Episode 854 Spoilers

In the next episode, Luffy will come to know about his crew’s status and will have a relief after finding that they are alive. Nami will scold him for coming up with an instant decision without any proper plan but, Luffy will promise her to meet them at 1 PM at Cacao Island. But Katakuri will attack him once again. Luffy will try to hide the mirror in his mouth during the fight but the mirror will break after receiving some lethal blows from Katakuri. Luffy will manage to tell his crew to hurry up without thinking about him.

One Piece Episode 854 Spoilers

Brulee will hear all the conversation and reports to  Prospero about this which will lead Big Mom rampage toward Cacao Island by destroying nuts Island.

One Piece Episode 854

At the end of One Piece Episode 854 preview, Katakuri is shown holding a spear. If you don’t know, its Katakuri’s ultimate weapon called Mogura. Next episode will be going to be more trouble for Luffy as Katakuri seems more serious and he wanted to end the fight right there.

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