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OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie open Beta now available for users

OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie open Beta

Google launched the all-new version of the Android, that is, Android 9, which is named according to the Google tradition, and called Android Pie officially. Android Pie brings a lot of under-the-hood features powered by Google Artificial Intelligence, which is currently the most powerful weapon that is created by the tech giant in-house. The new Android Pie was reported to roll-out to many of the smartphones other than Pixel devices, like the Essential Phone, and also the OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5/5T, and even in the OnePlus 3/3T. And finally, OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie open beta now available for users on the forums.

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OnePlus has posted on its forums about the new OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie open beta, which will be rolling the new Android P and its features. Not only this, the OnePlus will be giving the new features to its OxygenOS which powers the OnePlus devices. The update change-log of the new OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie open beta updates, will bring the new user interface for the Android version, also the new Android P gestures for navigation will be there and other features and improvement in the system will be there. The new OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie open beta will bring the new features and changes in the OxygenOS in OnePlus 6. The user will be able to to do a lot of customization. The update comes with a new Do Not Disturb mode which can be customized by the users in many aspects. Other than this, there is a new mode for the gaming-centric users, the new Gaming Mode comes with a lot of features and customization.

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It will be interesting to see the all new features in the new OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie open beta update. You can also try the new update, but you need to keep in mind that this is not the official Android Pie update so it won’t be stable, as this is for testings for now, but if you are interested in trying it, you can follow the link to visit the OnePlus forums.

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