OnePlus 6 Red Launch Date Confirmed as July 2

OnePlus TV

OnePlus just tweeted a teaser that confirmed the launch of a new OnePlus 6 color. The OnePlus 6 Red launch has been slated for July 2.

The Tweet that Started it All

In the tweet above, OnePlus mentions “Now initiating: C61422”. While the code “C61422” may not make sense to many people, a graphic artist will immediately tell you that it is the Hexadecimal color code for a deep red color. Also, if that was not enough hint, the whole teaser is centered around the color red. Not just that, a few images of OnePlus 6 Red edition have surfaced, adding more fuel to the fire.

As for the launch date, we strongly believe that it will launch on July 2. Although it may just be the date they officially announce the phone. The phone may hit the stores a bit later. Or it may be the date when OnePlus starts accepting pre-orders for the OnePlus 6 Red edition.

The Leaked Pics

oneplus 6 red

Looking at this leaked picture, the phone seems to have a glossy back panel with a deep red color. The phone looks beautiful in its new-found glory and will suit many of the fashion-aware people out there.

OnePlus 6 is the company flagship that has a Snapdragon 845 and upto 8GB of RAM. It  also has powerful dual rear cameras and an FHD+ display with a notch. For detailed specs, read our article here.

Is the OnePlus 6 Red edition for you? Are you excited for the new OnePlus 6 color? Comment below and let us know!

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