Limbic Entertainment, the studio behind Might and Magic Heroes VI & VII, Might & Magic X: Legacy and the upcoming Tropico 6 announced a new survival game Memories Of Mars.

“MEMORIES OF MARS is an open world survival game set on the abandoned mining operations in the red planet, as the dream of exploiting and colonizing Mars has proven impossible.”

In the game, you play as a recently awoken clone who learns about its lifespan which is limited by the lethal solar flares that hit the surface of the planet every week.

As per as word survive means player must survive the barren wastelands of Mars by exploring the terrain, building a homestead, fighting off against a variety of strange enemies, harsh environment, and other clone survivors.

According to the steam, here are the in-depth details about the game:

  • EXPLORE AND DISCOVER – You have to explore over 16 Km^2 of the Martian landscape completely covered with deserts, craters, rocky plains, canyon, and mesas. There will over 85 points of interest including abandoned towns, mines, industries, and vehicles.
  • SURVIVE – You’ll have look after the basic needs of surviving like health, stamina, nutrition, body temperature and most important oxygen.
  • FIGHT – Fight is always present in the game of survival. You will encounter and fight against NPCs and compete the players in order to have a safe adventure. The NPCs are strange enemies which are left over from previous colonization efforts.
  • BUILD –Building your own base will be a cornerstone of your gameplay experience. Build a small base on your own, or collaborate and build a much larger base. A base is important for surviving on the Mars.
  • EVENTS & FLOPS – The game has a unique system of in-game events in which players will try to survive these events by collecting Flops. Others player can rob your Flops by killing you or any method.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, it’s set to debut on Steam Early Access in Spring.

Check out the trailer:

Source: Steam

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