Oppo Find X Durability Test. Bend Test Fail !!!

oppo find x durability test

Oppo Find X Durability Test

Smartphone maker Oppo launched the innovative beauty of the year, that is, Oppo Find X, officially at the event in Paris which features an astonishing bezel-less display with no notch, which is inspired by the sibling company’s all-new flagship device, Vivo Nex, which also comes with a bezel-less display and no notch at all, and camera pops out when needed. The Oppo Find X comes with a beautiful design at the front and glass finish at the back, and also houses some great specs which make it a flagship device. But the question arises on the durability of this new innovative design of the Oppo Find X, so here is, the Oppo Find X Durability Test Results.

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oppo find x durability test


Oppo Find X Durability Test –

The Oppo Find X Durability Test has been done by the renowned tester Zack Nelson on his JerryrigEverything YouTube channel, and for this he put the Oppo Find X through different series of tests, to check the physical durability of the device. And unfortunately the Oppo Find X failed the last test, that is Bend Test.

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Oppo Find X camera is hidden under the AMOLED display and pops out automatically when needed, a couple of small stepper motors pushes the whole camera module outward. The moving parts of the device, that is the moving camera module, were the first that Nelson tested. And in the testings, it responded fine without any jiggle or any failures in camera module hardware. If the camera is not needed, means you are not using the camera app or any other app, and you try to pull out the camera module, it simply slides down in its position. And if the opened camera module is pushed hard, it slides down beneath the screen, without creating any problem. So, the popping out camera module is durable enough like its sibling Vivo Nex.

oppo find x durability test

The bezel-less front of the Oppo Find X looks so amazing and the AMOLED display enriches the overall full view experience. To protect that beauty, Oppo has given the Gorilla Glass 5 as in most of the flagships these days. And that has been proved by Zack in his scratch tests. The Oppo Find x is able to face some minor scratches on the display without any problem, but won’t tolerate the forceful scratches. 


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oppo find x durability test

However, the glass finish given at the back of Oppo Find X is almost immune to scratches.

oppo find x durability test


Oppo Find X Bend Test –

For durability, the Oppo Find X comes with dual glass form factor in which there is metallic sheet present between both the glasses giving it the required strength. But in the testing, Nelson found that the form factor isn’t durable enough to face a bend test. Find X’s sibling, the Vivo Nex also comes with the almost same form factor, however, we have seen the Vivo Nex standing the same bend test like a true flagship without any failure and breakdowns.

oppo find x durability test


On the other hand, we have seen a catastrophic failure in the display of the Oppo Find X and also results in shattering of the glass back.

oppo find x durability test


The Oppo Find X passed the scratch test, but not a durable beauty at all, so, if you are about to buy it, make sure not to sit on it. Oppo Find x is unable to stand the daily casual physical assaults, through which smartphones these days go.



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