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OPTIC Gaming to hold try outs on Indian Soil for Counter-strike

One sport which is growing more popular these days in India is particularly E-sports. We are observing many gaming competitions taking place in India which includes COBX Masters, UCypher, ILG and ESL India. In the global arena, E-Sports has already become a very big phenomenon and bringing high monetary figures to its stage.

Today, Optic gaming has announced officially that they will conduct auditions for an Indian Counter-Strike team, after holding the partnership with AFK Gaming and SoStronk.

The audition of the team will begin from May 7, and it will be named as OpTic India. The trials will be based on the psychometric and theoretical tests which will be in addition to role-based and in-game analysis.

The players who will be shortlisted will further play multiple matches and will be assessed
by OpTic Scouting Director Ali Saba and SoStronk’s Prashant “Aequitas” Prabhakar

The final play off will be organized at LXG, Banglore on 12th and 13th May. LXG gaming is also administrating ILG Season 2, which is currently live in India. The tournament has started on April 15th and will stretch along the period of 7 months.

OpTic wants to explore the Indian Counter-Strike players and groom their talents effectively up to their untapped potential. The players who will get selected to be the part of OpTic gaming, also be offered competitive salaries. The maps which have been included in the testing are de_inferno, de_cache and de_mirage

Nick Ridgeway, OpTic gaming Player Support coordinator, has given the following statement

We are very excited to be working alongside the excellent teams at AFK Gaming and SoStronk for our expansion into India. At OpTic Gaming, we are passionate about growing and supporting exciting new regions, so India was a natural next step due to the support of so many Indian fans in both India and around the globe.


OpTic gaming is one of the biggest E-sports company and they are constantly expanding their reach to the different regions of the world.

More details about the selection process can be found at this link


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