OpTic gaming reveals OpTic India CS:GO roster finally

OpTic India

OpTic Gaming has finalised OpTic India CS:GO roster today evening. The company has begun the tryouts from 12th-14th May at LXG India, Bangalore office. After going through rigorous tests, out of 1400 participants only five best CS:GO players have been selected.

The company has made this news official on their twitter account by sharing a short video clip. Greenwall is the first foreign esports organisation to extend it’s root to India. The country with an approx population of 1.32 billion people, has so much potential in gaming, which can be nourished properly to carve out the best professional gamers from the country.

OpTic India CS GO roster

The players which have been selected by OpTic Gaming for OpTic India CS:GO roster has been mentioned below

Sabyasachi Antidote Bose – Primary Awper
Rishabh Formless Tomar – Lurker
Vishal Haivaan Sharma – In-Game Leader
Agneya Marzil Koushik – Entry/Lurker
Nikhil Forsaken Kumawat – Support/Lurker

With the entry of OpTic gaming in India, new doors for Indian professional gamers has opened up. With many esport leagues taking place in India including ILG Season 2, UCypher Season 2, COBX Masters and ESL India has made a substantial base for Indian gamers to look towards gaming as a professional sport now.

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