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Orient Electric launches most silent fan ever “AeroStorm aka SilentStorm”

Orient electric has launched today an electric fan with the most advanced technology and it is the most silent fan available in the market currently. The product has been launched in an event in New Delhi by the company CEO Mr Rakesh Khanna.

The product has been given unique aerodynamic design and has been named as Orient Aero Storm ” Silent Storm” which is an addition to the company product line of Aero Series. The fan provides the highest ever air flow with utmost silence. The fan has an unprecedented design and has an extraordinary performance. Its aerodynamic blade design ensures the evenly and highest distribution of air flow. On the technical aspect, the fan is equipped with 18 poles heavy motor and dual ball bearing support for its seamless performance. It comes with a high gloss polyurethane finish, making it look like an exquisite piece of decoration in the home. It has a UV metalized Deco Ring which further adds to its premium design. The blades are 100 % rust free and are made of high grade compounded glass filled ABS for extended durability

Orient AeroStorm

The fan comes with three blades having a sweep range of 1320 mm and product warranty of 2 years. The RPM of the 18 pole motor is 310 and it consumes nearly 75 watts of power, with the air delivery of 300 mm. The company’s previous product in Aero Quiet has remote controlling feature but unfortunately, we won’t get this feature with this product. The speed of the fan can be managed in between 5-speed setting as per the user requirement.

Orient AeroStorm

Orient Electric AeroStorm Price

This advance technology fan with exuberant design has been priced at Rs 5399.

The product can be purchased from Orient Electric website with this link and the company is providing free installation and delivery in selected cities

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