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Outpost Trailer, First Look of Promising Indie Sci-Fi Thriller

The vast space beyond our tiny planet has always intrigued us and we have even started searching for a new home in this endless universe. There have been several movies around space exploration be it classic hits like 2001: A Space Odessy or Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar. The story of both the films is based on space but had different motives as one centred on human curiosity while other on saving the humanity from extinction. Outpost, an Indie film has a plot that focuses on the latter. The film is written and directed by duo Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh. The duo is known for their award-winning movie This is Normal. Outpost is a Sci-Fi action movie produced under the banner of Giddy Welshmen Productions formed by the pair. The film stars Ryan Welsh and Ryann Turner in the lead roles.

Outpost Trailer

The trailer for this Sci-Fi thriller is quite gripping, and from the first look, the film doesn’t give you feel of a low budget indie movie. The effort put in by these talented people shines in the 1-minute trailer. The editing is also crisp and doesn’t give many details about the plot of the movie. The story of Outpost is set in hundred years from now when humanity has commissioned a particular class of highly-trained warrior-scientists called Citizens to explore our galaxy in search of intelligent like humanity.

Most of the Citizens fail in finding any sign of the intelligent being, so they are called back home except one. Citizen Gordon who is at the farthest edge of the galaxy known as Outpost believes that there is an intelligent being on the other side of impenetrable darkness called Beyond. On this mission, he is accompanied by an android named Aria. After spending years alone with her, Gordon has begun falling in love. Soon, he is called back to earth to submit his findings on the Beyond however he is reluctant to leave Aria behind. From this point, the story takes a dark turn and Beyond starts moving towards them putting both of them in grave danger. Will they survive? Will Gordon gets to express his love? And what mysteries does the Beyond holds? These mysteries will be unravelled when the movie hits the theatres near you.

The plot of the movie is undoubtedly exciting and builds up the curiosity to find the answer to the mysteries. I am looking forward to this gripping Sci-fi thriller and will soon update you on the release date. What are your views on the trailer? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Outpost Trailer Ryan Welsh

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