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Overkill’s “The Walking Dead”Announced For Next Year

Apart from the Telltale games, Payday developers are working on a new and different “The Walking Dead ” game. Recently they have announced the game by releasing a cinematic trailer of the game.

According to the overkill, the game will have feature four unique characters for play. Each character will have their own skill sets, skill trees, story and squad abilities in the game. The trailer shows the first playable character or survivor Aiden a businessman surviving in the Washington D.C post-apocalypse. He is very good at fighting with the baseball bat with spikes and also he is very well familiar with the city.

The game will be cooperative multiplayer shooter type in which three friends will give support to the player in the various missions, supplies and surviving the outbreak of Zombie waves.

The game will come for PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year.


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