Overwatch 2019 Archives event Storm Rising details revealed

Overwatch 2019 Archives Event

Blizzard has revealed the details for their upcoming Archives event, and it will be called “Storm Rising.”

Archives is a season based event which allows players to play missions as we have previously seen in Rising and Retribution events.

Today’s official Twitter post from Overwatch revealed that 2019’s archive event is going to have its own PvE missions, and it will be called “Storm Rising.”

Overwatch Storm Uprising event will run from April 16th and will stay live until May 6th.

An official Twitter post has revealed little details about this upcoming Archives event.

Overwatch 2019 Archives event

An audio message was received from an unknown sender to AKA Soldier: 76 which talks about an attempt to catch Doomfist.

The message follows,

“We’re going about catching Doomfist the wrong way,” the voice says. “He’s clean, but his accountant, Maximilian? Follow the money, and you’ll find the dirt you need.”

It further adds, “I’m putting Tracer in charge, with Mercy, Winston, and Genji in support.”She’s grown as a leader since the King’s Row mission, and I know you’ll agree” and the voice in the recording identified as ‘Sojurn.’

On April 7, Overwatch revealed a few details about the upcoming map Havana where the Overwatch “Storm Rising” event is expected to take place.

Overwatch 2019 Archives Event

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