Overwatch game has already made a great name in the global gaming market among the users and the company is keeping up with the expectations of the fans of this game with updates and new characters at regular intervals of time

The Overwatch is going to introduce the 26th hero and new character in the game “Brigitte” but it won’t be introduced this week as previous sources of news suggested. Brigitte was first revealed on February 28th after several clues given over the previous days

About the character Brigitte, she is the daughter of Torbjorn chaperon to Reinhardt, this new character in the game is technically a support hero, who has the ability to heal and provide armour. It can also release the shield and unhitch enemy attacks

Overwatch Brigitte
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Brigitte was available for testing on Public Test Realm on the day of her official introduction and players tested her cool tricks. Blizzard has been tuning and fixing the character for all the bugs to make her available for full release.

On March 13th when PTR went offline everyone presumed that the Brigitte character will be available in the game for play, but Jeff Kaplan has stated that
“Testing has been awesome. You all have been a huge help. Probably not this week but she’s looking good. Almost ready.” It means we have to wait for little more for the official availability of the character.

Blizzard has confirmed that they also revamping the characters of Hanzo and Symmetra

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