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Overwatch Contenders Player Ellie confirmed someone else was playing with her name

Following the huge controversy, new reports are confirming that someone else was playing with the player name “Ellie”. Earlier, Second Wind released a statement on Twitter, mentioning the resignation of Ellie due to intense criticism over her real identity.

Talking about Ellie, in a period of short time, a player named Ellie soon climbed up to high ranks which caught the attention of Overwatch Contenders teams.

She was selected by Second Wind team for Overwatch Contenders, but before playing any matches she resigned the team after strong criticism over her true identity by the Overwatch Community.

Now, this matter is unfolding as Esports Insider Rod Breslau has written on Twitter that “In last hour, Ellie has confirmed in private messages to teammates that she was not the one who was playing.

This controversy got unfold after the clip of Aspen revealing the True identity of Ellie.

Cloud9 streamer Becca ‘Aspen’ Rukavina has shed the light on controversy and said that “Ellie, is not Ellie, but actually he is Punisher, and the whole situation was meant to be, in a way like a social experiment

Aspen during her stream stated that “Yeah, Ellie is Punisher,” Aspen repeated on stream. “He did this for like a social experiment thing, and did not expect it to get out of hand, so that’s kinda the juice around that.”

Ellie is actually Punisher, and he told me yesterday,” referring to Top 500 player  “PunisherOW“, and they were Ellie’s boyfriend on Reddit and during streams.

Punisher has not made any statement over this matter yet, and Ellie is also not active on her social accounts since resignation from Second Wind.

Now the matter has been heated up too much, and Blizzard is holding a meeting with SW players and management.


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