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Overwatch Moira New Skin Banshee looks very scary, terrifying

Recently, we have seen the release of Overwatch Halloween based theme for Doomfist. Marking the start of Halloween Terror event, the Overwatch developers have introduced a new legendary skin for character Moira.

The new skin has been named as Banshee. The skin is looking so terrifying and scary at the first go. In Irish mythology, Banshee has been connected to female spirits

Overwatch Moira New Skin Banshee

The Moira Banshee skin is covered with Spikes, and it looks like she came from some Irish graveyard. The Skin showcases yellow hair and grey colour body. The shiny eyes of Banshee completely give her a Halloween look.

Overwatch Moira New Skin Banshee

The Halloween Terror Event in Overwatch has started today and will extend to complete month.

The beginning of Halloween event in Overwatch has revealed Two skins, so one can expect the release of new skins coming out this week for other Overwatch characters.

The previous year, Moira missed out Halloween Terror Event, and with the inclusion of Banshee skin for the character has made players really happy

When will Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Will End?

Overwatch Halloween Terror event will end on October 31st, 2018. So, you have complete 4 weeks to enjoy Halloween based theme skins and scare out the opponents


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