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Overwatch New Ana Skin Bastet Teased in a Short Story

Overwatch revealed a surprise for the Overwatch fans on January 7. They released a short story on Ana that described the character. Moreover, Overwatch teased a new Ana Skin, named Bastet, in the short story as well. Till now, Overwatch has released various comics and different shots to describe a character or an event. The last cinematic short for describing a character was for Ashe, named Reunion. It introduces the fans to the character. Along with her, Ashe’s Omnic sidekick/butler B.O.B. was also introduced.

The short story on Ana features Soldier 76 and Ana cleaning up Cairo and Reaper. They also tell the story of creating the Overwatch new Ana skin, Bastet.

The Overwatch new Ana skin was revealed at the end of the short story. The skin is named Bastet after an Egyptian god. The new Ana Skin, Bastet, looks dope. Its colour scheme and style would fit best with the Temple of Anubis map.

Overwatch New Ana Skin Teased in a Short Story 1 Photo

In the story, it is also shown that Soldier 76 had a boyfriend in Overwatch days. He hasn’t seen him since the disaster happened in Switzerland. Overwatch shared the short story on Twitter along with the new skin. But they didn’t give any information about its release date in-game.

Moreover, Jeff Kaplan talked about some cool little surprise in-game next week. Could this new Ana skin be the surprise? Let us know your thoughts about the new Ana skin.

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