Sojourn-A new hero teased in Overwatch Storm Rising teaser(Possible)

Sojourn-A new hero teased in Overwatch Storm Rising teaser Photo

Overwatch Archives Event, Storm Rising Event teaser has been released on April 8. The teaser contains a message for Soldier 76 by Sojourn, an unknown character. Though the teaser tells about the upcoming Storm Rising event, it also teases a new Overwatch hero(possible), Sojourn. So let’s find out who is Sojourn and what do we know about him.

Who is Sojourn?

Till now, there are not many details about Sojourn. We can just deduce some details from the teaser only. Obviously, Sojourn is connected to Overwatch, but it is not confirmed if she’s a field agent or not. Apart from this, we can at least assume her to be equal by her tone in the message. She said that she’s “putting Tracer in charge” of the planned mission.

She can be placed at a high rank. This is because she seems to have the authority to plan. Moreover, she can determine the command structure of the operation. The Commander was reluctant and didn’t want to put the Strike Team back in the field. But Sojourn was the one in charge. Regarding the Strike Team, she said, “I’ve been working with them and I know they’re ready”. This shows that she has combat and tactical skills to help the team prepare for a fight.

Sojourn’s Possible Release Date

There is no information about the release date of Sojourn. But this is possibly the first look of a new Overwatch hero which is going to come sooner or later. If Sojourn is lined up to release as the next hero, it is not far. If we see closely at the Blizzard’s release schedule, Sojourn can be released at the end of July.

Apart from this, another thing which is not confirmed that Sojourn is the next hero to be released. There are two more heroes which are teased by Blizzard. One is Maximilien, who has also been teased in the Storm Rising Event teaser. Another is the Echo, which was shown in the ‘Reunion’ animated short film. Blizzard even said that Echo will eventually be a new hero in the game.

What do you think about Sojourn? Is it possible that she is the next Overwatch hero to be introduced in the game? Comment your thoughts down below in the comment section and subscribe to our notifications to get daily feed and updates on Overwatch.

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