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Overwatch New Map “Rialto” Release Date Revealed By Blizzard

Overwatch new Map Rialto, Venice location based escort map is now ready to launch fully in the game.The release date of the map is released by the Blizzard entertainment, and it will live in the game by 3rd May.


This Map was released for testing on PTR on April 20. This was to give players to get hands on the new map and identifying all the bugs and problems in the game. Rialto will go live on 3rd May, but it will be only available in a competitive playlist with later on the patch. It will be available in the competitive mode later to help the players to first get accustomed to the new map before playing on the new map.

Blizzard is following the pattern of the Blizzard World map release and the latest hero Brigitte. They also get delayed entrance to the competitive play.But it gives the players a chance to get comfortable with the map or a player while playing in the competitive play and this is precisely Blizzard wants. So it is a possibility that the Rialto will be added by the end of season 10 of the Fortnite. Fortnite season 10 will begin on April 30th.

Fornite archive events were also ended yesterday.Now, players will able to play them in 2019.

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