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Overwatch releases McCree Deadlock Skin for Storm Rising Event

Overwatch Archives event 2019, Storm Rising will commence on April 16th, but the developers have revealed a new skin to McCree when he was part of the Deadlock Gang.

So far four skins have been revealed for the Storm Rising event, which includes skins for Baptiste, Moira, Junkrat and McCree.

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In reference to Ashe’s Origin Story, McCree was part of Ashe’s Deadlock Gang, but something happened between the two which made them part ways.

The skin revealed today looks quite young. McCree also has a normal left hand rather than a robotic left hand. His skin features a leather jacket and jeans which makes him look like a biker/outlaw.

But the question here arises how did McCree lose his arm?

Deadlock McCree Skin

Now we have McCree Deadlock Skin coming up for the Uprising event, so we might see the release of Ashe’s Deadlock Skin in the coming two days.


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