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Overwatch Storm Rising Event new trailer reveals more of Maximilien

Overwatch has revealed the trailer for the upcoming Storm Rising event today, and the trailer has revealed some new details.

The upcoming event features a brand new PvE mission in which Sojourn is telling Soldier: 76 that she is sending Genji, Winston, Mercy and Tracer to track down Doomfist’s accountant, Maximilien. The mission is to destroy the evidence against the Talon operative. The players can choose to play any of the four heroes where they have to get Maximilien from his Cuban hideout.

Overwatch Storm Rising

In the new trailer, we can see Maximilien straight into the action, and we also see a glimpse of Tracer on a hover bike chasing down the Maximilien. Whether the hover bike will become part of this mission or not is still under ambiguity, some players think that it is just the part of the cut scenes.

Overwatch Storm Rising


In this new mission, it seems like you also have to deal with Talon Troopers and heavy troopers.

Overwatch Storm Rising Event

So far eight new skins have been revealed for the upcoming Storm Rising event, with only Ashe and B.O.B skin remaining so far.

The mission will take place in all new Cuban location, and the event will kick off from April 16 and stay live until May 6


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