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Overwatch latest Storm Rising teaser hints new map

Overwatch has shared a new video on its official Twitter account which hints towards the addition of a new map.

The Overwatch Storm rising event began on April 16 & it added a new PvE mission to the game.

Overwatch has a tradition of releasing teasers before the addition of any new content  to the game.

The main villain of the Overwatch Storm Rising event ‘Maximilien’ has been featured in the teaser video. The shared clip is actually an interrogation by Overwatch.

In the clip, Maximilien says “I wouldn’t have it said I was being difficult in this interview, so,” & “Doomfist will be in Singapore in three weeks time.”

Maximilien hopes a favor from Overwatch, before revealing the location of Doomfist.

Max further said “I trust you will leave me out of any discussions you have with him, hm?”. “It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”

The clip clearly says Doomfist will be in Singapore in three weeks’ time, which means May 16 and it particularly emphasizes on ‘Singapore’ and ‘three weeks time’.

Usually Overwatch Anniversary event is followed by an archives event, & it starts somewhere in mid May. So, it is possible that the Overwatch Anniversary event will begin on May 16th, alongside the ongoing event and also we may see a new map of Singapore.

We should only take this hint as a grain of salt as it does not exactly clarify what it intends to say. We have to wait until May 16th, to get an actual answer on this.


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