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Overwatch Team Shows How to Counter GOATS Composition

GOATS Composition is known in Overwatch for being a dominant strategy. GOATS consists of three tanks and three supports. While the tanks provide cover to the teammates and deal damage to the opponents, supports provide the required healing to keep the tanks buffed up. That’s why the GOATS is popular in the community for its power. But it also faces criticism for the lack of hero diversity in the composition. The main question, when it comes to GOATS, is how to counter them? Well, recently, an Overwatch Open Division team gave a strategy to take down the GOATS. So let’s check out how to counter GOATS composition in Overwatch.

Overwatch Team Shows How to Counter GOATS Composition

If you see the GOATS Composition, Reinhardt is the one which makes the team vulnerable when it is not available. So, if Reinhardt is eliminated first, then his big shield will not be available to protect the teammates from getting damage from the opponent team. During its unavailability, there is no high burst-damage DPS in the GOATS Composition.

To avoid this, Overwatch Open Division Team, Path to Poverty, gave a way to counter the GOATS Composition on the Sanctuary point of Nepal.

Overwatch Team Shows How to Counter GOATS Composition 1 Photo

In their way to counter GOATS, they let the enemy team take the point. The Division Team then assembled their team on the opposite side. Except for Lucio, other teammates distract the opposing team so that Lucio could sneak in on the wall behind. After that, Orisa use her ‘Halt!’ ability and throws the orb in the air. The orb attracts the opponent team and makes them fly. While they are in the air, Lucio takes the advantage and uses his Sonic Amplifier.

His Sonic Amplifier sends the opponent team’s Reinhardt flying off the edge. This is because of low mobility of Reinhardt. Due to good mobility skills, D.Va survives the Sonic Amplifier Blast. Check the post below for the same:

Top Open Division team comes up with creative goats counter from Overwatch

If you see u/Anghell1c’s team, it is also GOATS but a variant. It also has three tanks and three supports but instead of Reinhardt as a tank, it has Orisa. Well, if you see, for this strategy to work, you just need Orisa and Lucio. So, this could work with different compositions.

Though the working of this strategy depends completely on the location. It is not necessary that every Sanctuary Point on a map has a falling edge. But otherwise, Lucio can damage and knock down Reinhardt easily too after him being in the air, defenceless. So, overall, it is a great way to counter GOATS Composition in Overwatch.

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