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PA-GALS Season 2 Review, Worth Adding To Your Favourites List

Girliyapa’s new humorous web series PA-GALS is trending like anything ruling the digital screens as well the heart of the viewers. The series stars Srishti Srivastava, Ronjini Chakraborty, Akansha Thakur, Rudraksh Thakur, Deepesh Sumitra Jagdisgand Neelu Kohli, directed by Nidhi Bisht. Series has served four episodes so far.

What is PA-GALS all about?

PA-GALS is a series about three roommates who are of a different demeanour and background but staying together and standing by each other in their thick and thin, handling the best and worst of the situations together away from there home. They together deal with diet struggle, adjusting with new roommates, mom’s surprise visit and everything that confronts them. Like other web series, it focuses on youngsters and shows their lifestyle when they step out of their home and move to another place for work, studies and to explore themselves. As it is important to step out of your comfort zone and transform yourself and when you meet the outer world you learn hell a lot, from making good bonds to sustaining them, it is just simply awesome, being you. Series is neither too humorous to ROFL nor too serious to worry about life away from home.

Rather its a perfect blend of both to comprehend some life hacks and to be happy. An episode also brings forth the expectations that parents have from us and we end up lying and getting stuck when caught but it also clarifies the soothing part which guides us, to be honest, doesn’t matter what the situation is.


Final Verdict for PA-GALS.

PA-GALS is a great balance of light humour, engaging punch lines and connecting plot. The cast has undoubtedly done wonders and made the series worth watching. Eye-catching characterisation and absorbing storyline make it intriguing to be added to your all-time watch list.


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