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How to pair Google Home Mini with Bluetooth speaker

Google revealed it’s smart home range Google Home, Home Max and Home Mini last year. The devices come with a good quality speaker integrated with Google Assistant, this makes it smart and can be used for not only playing music but also it can control your TV, set reminders and many more. Unlike Home Max, Home Mini is a small speaker and you will be surely gasping for more if you want loud music. Though Home Mini will give you the same Google Assistant experience as Home Max, but can’t be used for loud music. But, this is not a problem at all as you can pair Google Home Mini with Bluetooth speaker easily. The Bluetooth will play the music as the primary device, but still, you can use Google Home Mini to communicate with Google Assistant and ask for songs. So, here we have discussed, how to pair Google Home Mini with Bluetooth speaker, on an iPhone.

How to pair Google Home Mini with Bluetooth speaker

STEP 1 –

First of all you need to turn on the Bluetooth mode of your speakers. This can be done easily; in most of the speakers you can easily find a dedicated button for Bluetooth mode, turn on the Bluetooth mode by pressing that button.

STEP 2 –

First of all, you need to open the Google Home application. And find the Devices option, which may be found at the top right corner in Apple devices, or in Android, it can be selected by tapping on the hamburger or three lined icon at the top left corner in Android devices.

setup Google Home

STEP 3 –  

After selecting the device option, your all connected devices will be shown. Here you need to identify the device with which you want to connect your speakers with Bluetooth.

Home Mini

STEP 4 –

After selecting the Google Home device tap on the more option or the three dotted icon at the top right of the device card. Tapping on the icon, will give you some options, select Settings option from that. And in Setting scroll down and find the Default Speaker option and open that.

Home Mini

STEP 5 –

After selecting the Default Speaker option, you will find options for the all available devices. Here you need to change the option. Find the name of your Bluetooth speaker that you want to connect with the Google Home. Tap on the name of the Bluetooth device.

Home Mini

STEP 6 –

As you tap on the device name it will search for the device once again, and will finally connect to it. And after this, you’re done with the procedure of how to pair Bluetooth speaker with Google Home.

Home Mini

Now, you just have to command Google Assistant by saying ”Hey Google” and you can play music via your Bluetooth speaker

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