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Paladins: Battlegrounds A New Battle Royale Game Revealed

At the HRX 2018, Hi-Rez Studios revealed it free to play hero shooter Paladins will feature its own 100 player battle royale mode called Paladins: Battlegrounds.

The Battle Royale mode is being an inspiration for other games by PUBG. 100 players will drop onto the massive island of the size of about 300 times of Paladin map. Players have to survive and fight to the death. Each match will last long for 20 minutes. In the game, the player will have an advantage of their hero’s  unique ability. The players can work together with a team will take down others in any way.

“Designed from the ground-up to be played in teams, players must work together to survive in Paladins: Battlegrounds,” says Hi-Rez.


The game will be launching on PC later this year, and it’ll be free-to-play.

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