Parmanu is undoubtedly an addition in the list of good movies in B-Town. Whenever a movie is made on the yardsticks of historic events, we relive that very moment being into the shoes of the character and feeling every single emotion the character goes through. Similarly, Parmanu ensemble an intelligent cast which includes John Abraham as Capt. Ashwat Rana, Diana Penty as Capt. Ambalika and Boman Irani as Himanshu Shukla who made us feel each every moment of that intense pressure and hard work of theirs which lead to the success of the movie and let us know every single detail that happened during the Nuclear explosion at Pokhran. The movie is directed by Abhishek Sharma and produced by Zee Studios and JA Entertainment.

Does Parmanu Live Up to The Expectations Of The Audience?
A Big yes! Parmanu is precisely what was expected from the promising cast. Parmanu- The Story Of Pokhran nuclear test is a tale of nuclear bomb test explosions conducted by the Indian Army in Pokhran, Rajasthan 1998. Parmanu is an Indian historical action drama. The story begins portraying Capt. Rana in a meeting on a discussion with the ministers about the nuclear test in Pokhran and they pay no heed to it. As we know that there are black sheep in every field of life and we saw this fact getting real in the movie when one of the ministers asks him to prepare a brief report on the same topic and he also assured Capt. Rana to discuss the same with the Prime Minister but betraying Rana, the minister takes the whole credit of his plan and in return mistook his plan and got him suspended from the job for the wrong execution of the plan. But the movie takes a sharp turn when the PM changes and Himanshu Shukla enters as Prime Minister’s right hand. He plays the best supporting role in favour of Capt.

Rana and allows him to set up an undercover team give life to the Nuclear Test plan. Some critics do say that those explosion in Pokhran were more about technology than any military heroism but I wanna highlight a point that it would have been impossible with one precise department as it was all about the teamwork. Capt. Rana, a 1990’s engineer-bureaucrat who throws himself wholeheartedly and put his personal and professional life on the line for the marked glory of the Nation and his handpicked team fought and stood in a race against time, against US Surveillance and other grave challenges just for the Nation and to make it a Nuclear country. Each and every emotion dripping from their face took us to the same ride which they were on, may it be a grave and extreme tension scene or a cheering accomplishment they were just so clean and crisp in their act.


Parmanu – Final Verdict
Parmanu is a worth watch not because it is a film based on Historical true events but because it is really a good piece with no clichés and focused direction. Everything was just spot-on like humour- where needed, motivation and that army spirit just perfectly placed in the film. The film exactly portrayed what it should and the brilliant cast, as usual, gave their best which came out as their real best.