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Patanjali’s Kimbho app makes a comeback as Bolo Messenger?

If you remember, last month on May 30, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Communications introduced a swadeshi messaging application called Kimbho. However the Kimbho app was removed from Apple’s app store and Google Play store due to some security reasons within 24 hours of the launch. Now that app has again made a comeback as Bolo Messenger.

KImbho App Bolo Messenger

At the time of the first launch, several security experts had claimed that Kimbho is an exact copy of an app called Bolo Messenger. Confused right? First, let me clarify that Kimbho and Bolo Messenger are two different apps. Kimbho app is developed by Patanjali Communications, while Bolo Messenger designed and developed by Aditi Kamal, who in her Twitter bio claims that she was the “founder of Kimbho”.

Aditi Kamal has said that Bolo Messenger is an Indian alternative to WhatsApp and is now available for download on Android. She adds that the application will be released for iOS users very soon. She, however, didn’t specify a rollout timeline for iOS. Aditi also said that, users who had not uninstalled or were still using Kimbho app (now Bolo Messenger) could update to Bolo.

Hilariously, in a new update the Bolo Messenger app has Kimbho’s app icon as it app icon. So, it is being said that the Bolo Messenger is the ‘new’ the Kimbho App.

Bolo Messenger with Logo of Kimbho
Bolo Messenger with Logo of Kimbho

However, the Patanjali’s spokesperson, SK Tijarawala has tweeted that the app is “not at all” related to Patanjali or the Kimbho app. Tijarawala adds that the Kimbho app is under “advanced development process” and will be launched soon. In an official statement Patanjali is asking people to beware of apps using its name to spread popularize fake apps.

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