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This 360 Photo of 195 gigapixels shows the faces of people walking on the streets

The Chinese website Big Pixel, renowned for posting photos at high resolutions, has made available a 360-degree photo of the city of Shanghai that has no less than 195 gigapixels of resolution. Today, on average, cell phones have 12-megapixel cameras. Only 1 gigapixel equals 1000 megapixels.

The photo was taken from above the Oriental Pearl Tower, which gives us a panoramic view of the city in all directions. It is possible to zoom and observe people in the streets, cars, buses, boats, etc. In the example below, you can see the zoom of a building entrance, and there is a man standing on his cell phone. It’s really amazing the wealth of detail!

Photo of 195 Gigapixel

To view the official photo, you have to click on the link below.

View Full-Size Photo

The 195 gigapixel photo is famous across the globe. So, If the site is slow, it must be due to the number of hits. Try to come back another time.

The technology used in this gigantic photo is to take several shots of a scene with smaller resolutions, and put them together, giving an effect as if the 195-gigapixel photo had been taken only once. 

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