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Phyn Plus launches smart water assistant device CES 2018

Phyn Plus has launched a smart water monitoring device at CES 2018. Phyn was established in 2016 under the collaboration of Belkin and Uponor (Plumbing company) for creating smart & efficient water management products

At CES 2018, Phyn plus is showing smart water management monitoring unit for homes. It has a mechanism to check on water leaks, unnecessarily flowing water and other choking problems. The device looks like a glowing futuristic device, which will install in the home plumbing architecture and monitor precise pressure drops to identify pipe blockages and water leaks


Phyn Plus has done a good amount of research and development last year to measure the faults and leaks in the home water dispensing & plumbing fixtures with accuracy and precision. Phyn has made claims that it has ultrasonic sensors which measure water pressure 240 times per second for your every plumbing fixture in the house and can detect frozen pipes, any tap or faucet leaks. It has an inbuilt algorithm for checking the flow rate and temperature of water which helps it determine the difference between frozen water and normal water. It can also identify and track any major leaks and in case of pipe breakage, it can completely shut off the water supply, hence saving the water wastage.

It features an automatic message alert system, with the help of 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n WiFi to send the message to the phone, which is connected with the Phyn Plus during installation and its setup. Uponor company trained team will install the Phyn Plus system at your home and once installation is being done, Phyn plus will start learning the usage statistics and flow rates for your home and will start monitoring the water flow and plumbing fixtures. The device will cost around $850 ( excluding installation fees) and initially, the device will be available for these cities which includes New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Toronto, Atlanta, Phoenix, Minneapolis and few others. The device will go on for sale in the late spring season.

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