How to play Spotify on Alexa : Step-by-Step

Alexa Spotify

Smart Home devices are getting popular day by day, not only the smart lights but also the smart speaker with the virtual voice assistant inbuilt. We have seen Google Home devices which recently got launched in one of the biggest market, India. Smart Home devices like Alexa Speaker and Google Home are capable of doing a lot of things like you can use them for not only for setting alarms, reminders but also for playing music and control smart TV. Here we will be discussing, how to play Spotify on Alexa device.

How to play Spotify on Alexa

Starting with the steps for how to play Spotify on Alexa speaker, first of all, you need to have a premium account on Spotify. You can register for Spotify by paying $9.99 per month. And also your Alexa speaker must be capable of playing Spotify. It is because not all the Alexa enabled speaker are capable of doing it.

The very first procedure starts with by linking the Spotify premium account to the Alexa speaker.

STEP 1 –

First of all open the Amazon Alexa app, which is available on both, Google Play Store and iOS, platforms. On opening the app, tap on the hamburger icon at the top left side, and form the given option select Settings.

play Spotify on Alexa

STEP 2 –

In the Settings option find and select Music & Media. In the settings search, select and tap on the “Link account on” from the available options. And then you will be shown next page, in which you need to tap on the green button that says “Log In To Spotify”.

play Spotify on Alexa

STEP 3 –

After this, on next page, you will get the option to log in with the Facebook ID or with the Spotify premium account. After filling the required details tap Okay on the screen.

You will get a confirmation that the Spotify account has been linked successfully. Close that window and proceed.

play Spotify on Alexa

STEP 4 –

Open Alexa app again and go to Music & Media section in the settings menu. Now here you have to set the Spotify as your default music streaming service. For this tap on the button that says “Choose Default Music Services”.

play Spotify on Alexa

STEP 5 –

Finally, select Spotify from the Default Music Library section and tap on Done.

Now, if you’ve done all the above steps for the procedure of how to play Spotify on Alexa, you are all set to play your favourite songs on Spotify with Alexa.

play Spotify on Alexa

To play Spotify on Alexa…

You can ask Alexa to play any music by just adding the word Alexa before any command. Like, “Alexa play NEVER BE THE SAME” or you can ask Alexa to play songs of a specific artist, like, “Alexa play songs by JUSTIN BIEBER”. You can ask Alexa to play songs from a specific genre, like, “Alexa play ROMANTIC SONGS”. You can also ask Alexa to turn up / down the Volume of the speaker.