Tuesday, August 2, 2022
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Google Play Store will soon sell Audiobooks.

Android is the most popular Operating System among all smartphone users. And if people are asked the reason behind this, then, probably the answer would be the quantity and variety of apps Google Play Store provides.

Google Play Store is not only the home of popular apps and games, but users can find desired movies, songs and magazines and other variety of books too. And recently Google teased the audiobooks ahead of official launch on Play Store.An AD on Play Store web was shown, saying “Audiobooks now on Google Play”. There was no mention of the official date of the audio books going live, but soon. Google also mentioned a deal on the AD, according to which user will be getting 50% OFF on the first buy of the title.

Audiobook is a big hit in the recent years, the main reason is the easiness to have a glance of the novels, magazines and other desired books without even carrying them physically. There are a lot of popular retailers already in the market, like Amazon’s Audible. So, now all eyes on Google, it will be interesting to see what quality it will provide and how it will challenge the already set market of audiobooks.

Popular Audiobooks sellers:- Audible, Audiobooks.Com


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