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Players are hearing Dragon Noises in Fortnite, Ninja says next mythic weapon

The mystery of Dragon Eggs in polar peak is getting intense as players are now hearing dragon noises at that place.

Dragon Eggs are located in the polar peak castle, and which can be seen once you dig downwards in the castle. Earlier, there were only 3 Dragon Eggs, but now with the melting ice, a total of 5 Dragon Eggs can be seen at that place.

Fortnite Dragon

Dragon Noises

G2 Esports player and streamer Dominik ‘RazZzero0o has heard the sound of the dragon during his stream. Well, as of now it is only a speculation, it can be some other creature too.

Dragon Noises in Fortnite 

Even Ninja during his stream discussed dragon could be added as a mythical weapon, likes of Thanos, and infinity blade.

In his stream Ninja quoted “That’s the next mythic, for sure” Ninja says, “it will be a dragon with like 5000 HP, it will be so massive.”


Earlier the addition of Infinity blade became a big point of discussion for being too powerful and it got vaulted.

If Dragon will be added as a Weapon in Fortnite, Epic Games have to be cautious to not make it immensely powerful. The best thing would be to create a separate LTM like previously done with Thanos Gauntlet.

Now, the theory of Dragon Eggs is becoming more and more interesting with the melting of ice and noises heard by players.


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