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Pokemon Go Adds More Gen 4 Pokemon And Made Some Big Battle Changes

Following Legendary Gen 4 Pokemon Palkia’s arrival in Pokemon Go, Niantic has announced that more Gen 4 Pokemon are now available in the game.

New Gen 4 Pokemon

Previously, 61 out of the 107 Generation 4 Pokemon were available in the game. Now, with a new batch of 15 Gen 4 Pokemon, Pokemon Go has now 76 generations 4 Pokemon. 77th Pokemon, Mamoswine will be available in the game during Pokemon Go February Community Day.

List Of New Generation 4 Pokemon

Gen 4 Pokemon

The newly added batch of 15 Pokemon includes eight wild Pokemon and six that can be evolved with the help of Sinnoh Stones. The last one can be hatched in eggs. Let’s take a look at the Pokemon which have been added.

In the Wild

Cranidos, Combee, Shieldon and Glameow are now available in the Pokemon Go wild. Shieldon and Cranidos are fossil type Pokemon. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl they came to life from the Armor and Skull fossil respectively. Bastidon and Rampardos are their evolved forms.

Glameow is the normal cat Pokemon which inhabits in the wild region. Its evolved form is Purugly, and it can be obtained in the game.

Combee is a bee Pokemon which is usually seen in the wild in a male to female ratio of 7 is to 1. It is because female Combee can be evolved into Vespiquen. Its evolved form is also available in the game.

Pokemon Go Generation 4 -Sinnoh Stone Evolutions

Furthermore, the following are the Pokemon which can be evolved using a Sinnoh Stone.

  • Lickilicky (evolved from Lickitung)
  • Tangrowth (evolved from Tangela)
  • Ambipom (evolved from Aipom)
  • Yanmega (evolved from Yanma)
  • Froslass (evolved from Snorunt)
  • Gallade (evolved from Kirlia)

You can earn Sinnoh stones in reward for participating in PvP battles.

Pokemon Go Generation 4 Eggs

It has been confirmed that Bonsly is available in 7km eggs.

Raid Bosses And Trainer Battles Changes In Pokemon Go

In addition to the availability of the new batch of gen 4 Pokemon, there have been major changes made to the raid bosses and trainer battles in the game.

According to the developer, Raid Bosses will now have more HP to counter the damage increase made last year. Niantic has also made some move changes in Trainer Battles, and some Pokemon have become proficient in learning new moves.

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