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Pokemon Go Guide- How To Add Friends In Pokemon Go, Trading In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players, this is time for your rejoice as Niantic is finally adding a trading feature in Pokemon Go along with friend feature. So, you will soon add friends in Pokemon Go. This will allow you to go on a journey together, share items, trade Pokemon and see in-game activities of the friends. This post comprises full Pokemon Go Guide which helps you to explain new friend feature and everything about it.

How To Add Friends In Pokemon Go

To add friends in Pokemon Go, you will have to exchange Trainer codes in the Friends Feature so the game can register them.

You can simply invite a friend to join by entering their Trainer code in Friend Feature section in the game. They will become your friends if they accept your invite and will appear in the friend list.

Pokemon Go Guide- Friendship Levels

You can relate the friendship levels in Pokemon Go with the real life. With the higher level of friendship, you will have more advantages in earning higher bonuses. According to the Niantic, these are the effects of the various friendship levels:

Level Trading effects Raiding and gym effects
Best Friend
  • Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals
  • 3x discount on Trading
  • 3x Attack Bonus
  • +4 Ball
Ultra Friend
  • Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals
  • 2x discount on Trading
  • 2x Attack Bonus
  • +2 Ball
Great Friend
  • Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals
  • 1x discount on Trading
  • 1x Attack Bonus
  • +1 Ball
Good Friend Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals



Pokemon Guide

The new update features a spin wheel type game. When you spin a PokeStop/ Gym you will able to receive a special gift in the game. You can’t open that gift, but your friend will be to open it up. These special gifts are very helpful items which contain an Egg. When that egg hatched, it contains an Alolan form of Pokemon.

How To Increase Friendship Level In Pokemon Go

The above way of exchanging gifts between friends increase the friendship level in Pokemon Go. Participating in Gym or Raid battles with a friend also increases friendship level and also unlock some reward like ” an increase in attack power of both’s Pokemon” when a friendship level reaches a certain level. But you can increase one friendship level per day per friend.

Pokemon Go Guide

Pokemon Go Trading Feature

You can trade Pokemon in the game once you have reached on trading level 10 and higher. It will cost Stardust to trade Pokemon. But you can decrease the Stardust cost by increasing Friendship Levels.

Rules Of Trading:

  • You need to be within 100 meters of a friend to trade
  • IVs are re-rolled when you transfer Pokemon, do not trade your 100% IV Pokemon
  • Regular trades cost 100 Stardust a piece
  • Candy Bonuses depends on the distance between locations where Pokemon were caught
  • You get maximum Candy Bonuses when you trade Pokemon that were caught at 100 KM distance apart (and higher)

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Special Trading

You can do special trading in Pokemon Go but only

when trading Legendary, Shiny or not yet caught Pokemon (regionals, for example):

  • Special Trading costs Stardust and are unlocked only with Great or Best Friend trainers
  • Special Trades are only available for
    • Legendary
    • Shiny
    • Not yet caught Pokemon
  • You can only make one Special Trade a day and they cost around 40k Stardust per trade (best friend) all the way up to 1M Stardust on lowest friendship level.
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