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Pokemon Go Leak: Next Pokemon Go raid boss will be Dialga

According to new leaks, Dialga will be the next Pokemon Go raid boss.

Pokemon Go Raid Boss Dialga

Pialka was announced as legendary raid boss for whole February. It will be available until February 28th, 1 pm PST. There is no surprise that the legendary Pokemon Dialga will replace it for March. Furthermore, Latias, current raid boss will be available in raid battles until March 1. Then, we will see Dialga in raid battles.

Another generation 4 Pokemon, Dialga will be 80th generation 4 Pokemon to be added in the game. As a result, there will be 27 remaining.

The leak brings an opportunity for the players to prepare their Pokemon in advance. You can use dragon-based Pokemon to counter Dialga’s attacks as it is weak against primarily fighting types. Machamp offers the best counter against Dialga with its high attack stats and moveset. You can also opt Blaziken as it provides good stats but not quite good in moveset. Groudon is also another option to go against Dialga as its high stats might help you.

Dialga Boss CP, Catch CP and Weather Boost

Dialga will have a max CP of 48,472. Catching it at level 20th will give it 2,307 CP while at level 25, it will provide 2,884 CP with snow/windy weather boost.

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