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Pokemon Go New Pokemon- Celebi Is Coming In Research Quest, New Pikachu For 2 Years Anniversary

Niantic Games are celebrating their augmented reality-based Pokemon Go game by bringing Pikachu in game. After Mew, they are also bringing Celebi, the Mythical Pokémon of the Johto Region in the game. So let’s discuss Pokemon Go New Pokemon.

Pikachu In Pokemon Go

Pikachu Pokemon Go

According to the official blog post of Niantic Games, Pikachu and Pichu will appear many times in the game from 6th July to 31 July. On this eve of the celebration, Pikachu in Pokemon Go will available in “Summer Style” wearing Straw Hat and Sunglasses. Maybe his evolved form will also wear a straw hat and sunglasses.

Pokemon Go New Pokemon- Pikachu

Pikachu fan avatar items will also on sale. Trainers can purchase all related items after getting gold Pikachu fan medal. These items will also include Pikachu T-Shirt and Pikachu for wearing. It is not first time that special edition of Pikachu will available in the game.

Celebi In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go New Pokemon

After Special Research on Mew, a new search is also on its way in the game. According to the blog, Celebi is coming to the game with its search research quest.

New Pokemon In Pokemon Go – Celebi

“We’ve heard so many amazing stories from Trainers, and we can’t wait for what’s on the horizon. We’re excited to announce that Special Research on the Mythical Pokémon Celebi will be available globally in the near future”

Special Research for Mew is currently accessible in the game. It has eight steps in which a trainer has to complete three tasks in each step.  These tasks range from catching a Pokemon to hatching eggs and many more.

Currently, the release date of Celebi special research quest in unknown. We will update you after confirming.

Are you excited to have Celebi in Pokemon Go? Share your thoughts in the comment sections.

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