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Pokemon Go players can change teams now with Team Medallion

Pokemon Go game was released back in 2016, and since then if you have selected one team, you cannot change it further. But with the upcoming update, you can do so with Team Medallion.

Niantic has confirmed that the Team Medallion will be released on February 26th, 1 pm PST. It will cost you 1,000 Poke Coins.

Any of your Pokémon that are in Gyms when you change teams will be returned with no PokéCoins earned once it’s defeated. You also can’t battle your own Pokémon, so if you return to a Gym one of your Pokémon is defending, your Pokémon will be returned to you with no PokéCoins earned.

When you start playing the game and reach level 5, you are asked to choose between Team Instinct, Team Valor, and Team Mystic. And once you have selected the team, you cannot change it further.

Pokemon Go Team Medallion

Team Medallion is described as a coin that enables the trainer to change teams. The Team Medallion can only be purchased from the shop once every 365 days.

Many players are ecstatic to hear this news, as Team Instinct is usually identified as one of weakest team among the three teams. Now players can change the team as per their liking.

As the teams control gyms, and if you are part of a strong team in your area you have an increased chance to hold onto the gym. This thing not only offers you royalty but also allows you to earn PokeCoins with which you can buy additional in-game items.


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