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Niantic to bring a photo studio into Pokémon GO

Niantic announced that Pokémon GO would receive a new feature ( Pokemon Go Snapshot ) that is not directly related to the capture of new creatures. With Go’s Portrait, the game turns into an Augmented Reality studio that transforms the real world into a blank screen. On this screen, you can create your compositions.

“We were inspired by the incredible photos the Coaches have taken with RA+ mode. Exploring new ways to bring the real world closer to digital through Niantic’s Augmented Reality technologies,” said Matt Slemon, Niantic’s product director. In addition to setting the scenarios, the trainers will also be able to capture pictures with their favorite monsters of the series.

Niantic to bring a photo studio into Pokémon GO

The GO Portrait requires you to select a Pokémon, and then scan the surroundings to position it on the stage. Also, you can interact with the creatures by posing with them uniquely to capture the desired shots.

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Captured photos will be saved in the memory of your device. Niantic hasn’t provided an exact date for the arrival of the new feature. However, it ensured that players will not have to wait too long to give it on their own.

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