Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2019 Details: Go Fest in Chicago, Dortmund, and Asia

Niantic has just released the Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2019 details. According to the announcement, there will be three Pokemon Go fests in 2019, each n different continent. Check the list of the Pokemon Go fests below:

  • June 13–16: Pokemon GO Fest Chicago
  • July 4–7: Pokemon GO Fest Dortmund
  • 2019 Summer: Pokemon GO Fest Asia (TBD)

You can check more details about different Pokemon Go fests and the Summer Tour 2019 in the link given in the tweet below:

Apart from these fests, there will be Safari Zone Events following these fests later this summer. Moreover, we have got the tentative dates for the future Community Day Events. You can check the dates below and mark your calendars with them:

  • May 19 – Torchic (tentative)
  • June 8
  • July 21 – Mudkip (tentative)
  • August 3

Pokemon Go Fest Chicago

Pokemon Go fest returns to Chicago for the third time from June 13 to June 16. The event days are expanded from 2 to 4 days and it will more than 300 acres of walking space for the players. It will be hosted at the Grant Park in Chicago.

You can get your tickets from the all-new ticketing system built within the Pokemon Go app. For more information and details on Pokemon Go Fest Chicago, check out: https://pokemongolive.com/events/fest/chicago

Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund

After the huge success of Pokemon Go Safari Zone Events in Dortmund, it is now time to host the Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund from July 4 to July 7. The venue for the fest is the Westfalenpark where you can both enjoy the cultural history of Dortmund and catch some Pokemon with others.

You can get your tickets as soon as the sale begins. For more information and details on Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund, check out: www.pokemongofest-europe.com

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