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Pokemon Go Team Rocket event first look, special research, new badges, moves and shadow Pokemon

Pokemon Go has revealed the first look of much anticipated Team Rocket Invasion event. Thanks to the Apple App Store which has released new preview images showing a Team Rocket grunt standing in front of the PokeStop disc. The store didn’t mention the reference, but the Team Rocket invasion event is about to start soon. You can check the image below:

Pokemon GO
Apple App Store

New Team Rocket special research task

The most prominent leaker of Pokemon Go, Chrales has leaked a new detailed description of the event. According to the leaker, the event will break down in the form of a research task.

During the event, you will find the PokeStops discoloured. Some people having a big letter R on their T-shirts will be spotted guarding the PokeStops. They will be from Team Rocket Go and have Shadow Pokemon with them.

Those Grunts will be found out to be stealing resources from PokeStops. You will need to power up some of your Pokemon before going to the PokeStops to battle them.

You will need to win the battle, and afterwards, the Grunts will flee after abandoning the Shadow Pokemon there. Your last task will be their purification process to free them from pain because of the dark powers with the help of Blanche.

Purified Pokemon will gain a significant amount of CP, cost less to power up and will learn an exclusive charged attack. You need need to rescue and purify as more as Shadow Pokemon you can.

New badges and move

Three  Team Rocket shaped Gold, Silver, and Bronze badges will be unlocked. It is currently unclear whether players can earn all badge or they will be rewarded only one badge according to some criteria. During the event, you will also have a chance to unlock a new move which seems to be “Lock On Fast” according to the leaked image. Details about the move are not out yet.

Pokemon Go

New Shadow Pokemon

Here is the full list of Shadow Pokemon added in the latest Pokemon Go Update.

Pokemon Go

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