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Pokemon Go teases Team Rocket event

Pokemon Go has posted an image showing a member of Team Rocket is photobombing the image to tease a Team Rocket event.

Last weekend, Pokemon had organised Pokemon Go Chicago fest 2019 for four days featuring rare Pokemon and a special research quest involving the mythical Pokemon Jirachi.

I think this is a teaser to something coming from TheSilphRoad

As part of the fest’s event, players need to find Pokemon by using a relatively new feature of AR+ camera. When player a snapshot of their Pokemon using the AR+ camera feature, a Pokemon will occasionally photobomb them and appear in the shot. For the fest, Players had given a task to track several photobombing Pokemon to awake Jirachi from its sleep.

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However, near the end of each day, Pokemon weren’t the only one to photobomb, Team Rocket members were also photobombing the shots. While many players assumed that this was just an Easter egg, but a newsletter from official website after the event’s end hinted that it could be a sign of things to come.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket event

Players have wanted a proper Team Rocket event in Pokemon Go for a while, and it looks like their wish is going to be fulfilled. While it is unclear what a Team Rocket event in Pokemon Go will bring, there is code for special trainer battles that could be used for the event.

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In addition to the event, Pokemon Go also teased a “multi-thousand” person raid at Pokemon Go Fest by holding a simultaneous Meowth raid battle during Pokemon Go Fest on Sunday to test the game’s server capabilities.

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