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Pokemon Go, very hard to play for this player in a rural location

Niantic introduced ‘Pokemon Go’ game back in 2016 and currently it has a player base in millions. The Pokemon Company press conference, held in May 2018 revealed that the game’s total downloads had reached 800 million. A recent Press Conference by Pokemon Company Singapore has revealed that as of March 2019, the game passed the mark of $1 billion downloads.

With a player base of millions and billions of downloads, the game is still ruling the heart of Pokemon fans.

But on the road to success, the game encountered many bugs which are usual for any game with frequent updates and live events.

Pokemon GO Rural Area

But one issue which is constantly affecting players living in rural locations is the lower number of Pokestops, gyms and Pokemon Spawn rates.

Reddit user ‘DanHero91‘ took to Twitter to express his concern that the game is really hard to play for players living in the hinterland. He stated in his post: “For the last week I have been on holiday at a place with only one poke stop for about 10 miles. Dear lord, this game is impossible for rural players.”

During his holiday, he did not have any idea where the Pokemon would be spawning. While moving a little faster, Pokemon would not spawn on the screen. He missed out on many regional spawns and always kept rebooting the app to make Pokemon appear around spawn points, he figured.

For the last week I’ve been on holiday at a place with only 1 pokestop for about 10 miles… Dear lord, this game is impossible for rural players. I’m so sorry. from r/pokemongo

Many players joined the discussion expressing their pain of playing the game in rural locations.

Reddit user ‘prunkindublic84′ commented on this discussion and paid respect to players playing the game in this scenario. He said, “How the hell do you guys play like this?” The simple answer is you don’t unless you play impeded and struggle on. Respect to the rural players that slog on.”

Another user ‘Snakemichael’ stated that “You make a 2 hour drive once a month during the summer from your parent’s ranch to your college town for community day to play with your friends who stayed for the summer, then drive back at the end of the day. My ranch has a single stop at the nearby post office about 5 miles away, but I don’t have cell service there, and there’s nothing else but farmland for about 30 minutes.”

Many players feel frustrated playing the game in rural locations due to the lesser number of poke stops, gyms and Pokemon spawn rates.

Niantic has raised $245 million in a funding round in early 2019 and is looking for further expansion of the game, as reported on Business of Apps. The developers should address this concern such that players living in far-fetched locations can enjoy the game properly.


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