Pokémon GO Water Festival is live now, Catch Shiny Kyogre

With the completion of the Pokémon GO adventure week, it is time for Pokémon GO Water festival. The event is currently underway, the event started from June 7 at 4 p.m EDT and will stay live till June 21 at 4 p.m EDT.

As the name signifies, the event is related to water, so we are likely to see more Water type pokemon during these days. This a two-week event focusing on the water type pokemon.

Under this event, players can earn more in-game bonuses and can get more chances to catch the Water-type Pokemon

The Water festival of Pokémon GO will feature strong Water-Type pokemon during the raid battles. It will also mark the return of the Legendary Kyogre. Players might also get chance to catch the rare water type Pokemon during the course of the event.

Pokémon GO Water Festival

Catch Shiny Kyogre Pokémon GO Water Festival

You will only get a chance to see or Catch Shiny Kyogre if you have defeated normal Kyogre during the Raid Battles

Pokémon GO Water Festival may also bring other shiny type Pokemon in the game, but no details for the same has been released yet. As soon as the event goes live, we will update you with these details.

Pokémon GO Water Festival In-game bonuses

During the event, if a trainer catches Water-type Pokemon, they can earn three times Stardust and every time when an egg is hatched, the trainer will receive double candy and stardust.

We are sure you must be excited about the Pokémon GO Water Festival event, let us know in the comments section, your thoughts about this event.

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