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Pokemon Let’s Go 2 or its Sequel could be based on Jhoto Region

Pokemon Let’s Go has been a huge success on the Nintendo Switch, and the company is looking build its sequel in the coming future.

Pokemon Let’s Go had a ground breaking sales last year. The game received 3 million sales in just one week of launch, which is such a huge number.

The sequel of Pokemon Let’s Go game has been confirmed in an interview from Eurogame about Let’s Go Jhoto game, during the interview, Junichi Masuda stated that if everyone enjoys playing these games.” In any industry, money is driving factor and gaming is no exception. If there is a demand for it, there can huge profits with the sequel too.

Pokemon Let's Go Update 1.1 Details 1 Photo

The Sequel of Pokemon Let’s Go can be based on generation 2 Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

It also has been suggested that Jhoto region can be added as DLC, but we did not think it will happen

As adding DLC does not sound like a great idea for a business, because the best would be releasing a new game like the Pokemon Gold and Silver

Also, we still have to see the next update for the Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu game, and the upcoming update is expected to have only some bug fixes, as this thought really disappointed the players, because they are expecting an addition of new content.


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