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Pokemon Lets GO Update 1.1 Details, Changes Coming Soon

Pokemon Lets GO was released two months ago. Since then there has been no update for the game. But now the first update of the game has been confirmed officially. Yes, the Pokemon Lets GO Update 1.1 is coming soon. So, let’s get into the Pokemon Let’s GO Update 1.1 details.

Pokemon Lets Go Update 1.Details

The Pokemon Lets Go Update 1.1 is the first patch of the game. This was leaked by serebii.net. Though the Pokemon GO Update 1.1 release date is not yet confirmed. But it is reported that it will be sometime in the late January.

The Update 1.1 will be just for bugs and fixes. This means that there will be no new content or features in Update 1.1.

Pokemon Lets GO Update Changes

The first change in the Pokemon Let’s GO Update 1.1 will be a fix in-game. That fix will be regarding the Pokemon not being registered in the Pokedex if it came from a Mystery Gift. Another change will be the feature of dismounting a Pokemon. It takes quite a long time to dismount a Pokemon as you have to first select another Pokemon to follow you.

Pokemon Let's Go Update 1.1 Details Changes 1 Photo

One obvious fix is going to be the throwing of Pokeballs in the opposite direction even if we don’t mean it to throw that way. The last one we are expecting is to remove the feature of using only 1 candy at a time. This is because if you have more than 1 candy then you have to waste time to use them all.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Support

As of now, the game is dependent on how easy is it for you to control the game. For a controller, you can use PokeBall Plus but sometimes the processes take longer than expected.

Pokemon Let's Go Update 1.1 Details Changes 2 Photo

Hence, if they add the compatibility of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller then that will be great for players.

Announcement by Nintendo

If we assume these reports to be true, then Nintendo may be making an announcement regarding this in the coming weeks. It is to be marked that the above changes are just the expected ones by the players and have not yet been announced. Hence, these are subjected to change anytime.

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