POPxo To Come Up With Hindi Shorts And Web Series

POPXO popxo

POPxo is a digital media startup which is an outright women only platform. This digital media startup was established in March 2014 by Priyanka Gill, founder and CEO said: “They have always envisioned itself as a space that provides content that speaks to women and girls, instead of talking down to them”. Today this media platform is cheered for its content through website and app.

POPxo has now decided to step into the competitive world of short films and web series by launching its original Hindi web series and shorts. This digital platform also has a youtube channel apart from how-to blogs, articles and videos. On the concept of user engagement Priyanka quoted: “That’s always been our primary challenge,” says Priyanka. “Media consumption has changed drastically in a short span of time and brands need to keep up with it on two fronts – social media and user engagement. The mobile screen is the most important way to reach our audience and we are focussed on it.”

POPXO popxo

Rana Handa, Chief Business Officer, POPxo in a media interaction revealed that the web series will be launched in July this year. He also revealed that POPxo has covered 30 million women content consumers out of 60 million consumers and their target is to reach 45 million in the coming future.

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