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Pornhub Fortnite Searches Reaches At 112 Percent With Release Of Season 6 And Fortnite Calamity Skin

Fortnite season 6 is live in the game and with the arrival of the much anticipated season, Fortnite Porn searches have apparently increased. A report having statistics of Fortnite porn searches was released on Monday on Pornhub press.

Pornhub Fortnite SearchesPornhub Fortnite

According to the report, porn-related Fortnite searches have become more than double on Pornhub after Epic Games Fortnite season 6. It results in increasing of more than thousands of additional searches about the porn related Fortnite. In addition to the searches, Fortnite Calamity skin is also in trend searches on Pornhub.

Pornhub Fortnite

Along with the Calamity Skin porn searches, fans are also getting interested in Strider and Zoey outfits porn on Pornhub. If we talk about general search, Fortnite Hentai is leading among searches with Fortnite Porn and Fortnite Parody at second and third.

Source: Pornhub Insights

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