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Priyank Sharma Punch Beat introducing new batch of Rosewood High

ALTBalaji is just a few milestones away from releasing a web series that is based on boxing and is titled as “Punch Beat”. Ekta Kapoor shared Punch Beat first look on social media with the caption- Introducing the new batch of Rosewood High. Vikas Gupta is a part of this show and has shared that this show is a boxing series and Priyank Sharma is seen in an entirely different look and this show is created keeping in mind the young generation, whose story revolves around school goers. Ekta Kapoor on Twitter shared a poster of the series in which Priyank Sharma, one of the casts is shown flaunting his muscular build along with boxing gloves and draped like a boxer. Priyank Sharma Punch Beat is about the friendship and camaraderie of 5 friends and when they are confronted with problems and challenges life throws at them, how will they stand strong to face them. Series is set in the backdrop of a boarding school and its targeted audience is teenagers.

Priyank Sharma Punch Beat

As the sources unfolded the details about the cast, here are the roles in which the leads will be seen. Priyank Sharma will be seen as Rahat, a hot and dashing dude with a muscular build in Puch Beat. Driving girls crazy and go mad at him on his killer look and boxing skills is a chick magnet too. Priyank Sharma Punch Beat is just too hot to handle.

Priyank Sharma Punch Beat

No one can stand Priyank Sharma power-packed punches. Increasing the heart palpitations is Padmini, hot and beautiful. The third student is Divyanka (Harshita Gaur) and she is gonna win your hearts with her beats as a great Kathak dancer. Harshita made a comeback with this series as three years back she was seen as Samyukta in ‘Sadda Haq- My Life My Choice’. Next student is Ranbir (Rohit Suchanti) who is an all-rounder and a brat, handsome, chick magnet and a kinda MR. Perfect. The web series is said to revolve around giving weight to the co-curricular activities like sports and dance. Priyank Sharma Punch Beat is a teenage high school drama to be specified in a boarding school named as Rosewood High and the series is said to concentrate on a specific area of music, dance and sports in student’s life.

Priyank Sharma Punch Beat will go on floors this winter.


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